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NB! Lately we have received an unusual number of request regarding the whereabouts of friends or relatives involved with the Interkosmos project. Please rest assured that all Interkosmos personnel are safe and well taken care of. However, should you nevertheless insist on further details, please deliver a signed and stamped 'Classified Information Request Form' directly to the 'Department of Vacations and Citizen Welfare'.

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A challenging mini-adventure of astronomical proportions! 

Interkosmos is a VR game about the sheer terror of falling towards Earth at breakneck speeds; featuring a rush of hectic gameplay to challenge your inner astronaut, and a comedic story full of twists, international intrigues, and Cold War absurdities. 

Take control of a secret Soviet re-entry capsule headed for earth, and experience firsthand the thrill and stress of atmospheric re-entry. 

Your spacecraft is a fully interactive re-entry capsule heavily inspired by 1970's space technology, where every switch, gauge, and mechanical bit could be relevant to your survival. 

Ground control is ready to help, but ultimately it’s up to you to adapt on the fly, execute the right sequences and procedures, manage your power and life support systems, stay on course, and land in one piece – all while caught in the middle of a major international incident that's rapidly escalating towards catastrophy. 



  • Accessible, fun & challenging gameplay. Interkosmos is unlike any other VR game to date.

  • A fully interactive and sort-of-realistic-looking space capsule that reacts to your every interaction. It’s time to become the astronaut you always wanted to be!

  • A heavy emphasis on story and humor

  • A unique aesthetic inspired by 1970s space technology and the Cold War theme

  • How many ways can you find to die during re-entry?

  • A branching storyline; the fate of the world is in your hands!

  • Great sound effects, super satisfyingly clicky buttons, professional voice acting, & binaural sound design




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About us


We're a team of developers making story rich and immersive games for PC, consoles, and VR. 

Our passion is telling expressive stories through fun moment-to-moment gameplay. 


Interkosmos in the Press



  • Can I stream Interkosmos? Be our guest!

  • Is it VR only? Yes. 

  • Which languages are available? Interkosmos will be English only. 

  • How can I keep in touch? For press inquires please contact – for all other matters please write to 

  • You can also follow our dev blog for insights, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for news and updates. 

  • How is Interkosmos developed? Interkosmos is made with Unreal Engine 4.