A truly unique, narrative-driven experience. 90/100" – Gaming Trend

"One of the most detailed, convincing VR environments I’ve seen in some time." - UploadVR

"This is one of the best games to try with VR, in fact it might be one of the best we’ve tried so far." - Scary Granules


a challenging mini-adventure of astronomical proportions!

Interkosmos is a virtual reality game about the sheer terror of falling towards Earth at breakneck speeds; featuring a rush of hectic gameplay to challenge your inner astronaut, and a comedic story full of twists, international intrigues, and Cold War absurdities. 

It’s time to become the astronaut you always wanted to be! Take control of a space capsule falling to Earth in a breathtaking VR experience made to recreate the thrill of atmospheric re-entry. 

Enter Zvezda, a fully interactive re-entry capsule heavily inspired by 1970's space technology, where every switch, gauge, and mechanical bit could be relevant to your survival.

Guide your capsule to a safe landing with assistance from NASA and Roscosmos, and pray nothing unexpected happens to your highly experimental Soviet spacecraft - now the centerpiece of a Cold War conflict rapidly escalating towards catastrophy. 

Good luck pilot! Ultimately it’s you who must choose whom to trust, and succeed in landing; or discover all the interesting ways to die during re-entry.


Interkosmos is made with Unreal Engine 4 and available for the HCT Vive and the Oculus Rift on Steam for €4.99

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The return to Earth is like the world’s most extreme roller-coaster ride
— Dr. Alexander Gerst (Astronaut)